Geomons are lurking around the Island. If you manage to capture one, make it a pet!

What are Geomons?Edit


Geomons are mysterious creatures encountered by the first visitors to the OP Island.

As more and more Octalysis explorers arrived, the Geomon discoveries increased.

Now, some Primers are even keeping Geomons as Pets to earn additional EXP.

How to Capture Your First GeomonEdit


When you see a Geomon, approach it.

It will use its telekinetic powers to ask you a riddle.

If you solve the riddle correctly, the Geomon will devote itself to you.


Your Geomon AlbumEdit

In your Geomon Album, you can view each of the Geomons you've earned through an encounter or by capturing them with Geomon Traps.

You'll notice that each corresponds to a Game Technique mentioned by the Chief Mentor, Yu-kai Chou, in his video archives spread around the Island.

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